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UnaBell Bundle


UnaBell skin solution is designed to keep skin soft supple and comfortable to significantly reduce the look of multiple signs of skin damage and to provide moisturization needed to keep skin beautiful and healthy.

Chanterelle Serum - luxurious hydrating velvety light facial serum, that evens out skin tone and helps out with sunspots in addition to nutrients and moisturization.

Campanuela – facial infusion that contains natural UV protectant (Zinc Oxide) and natural powerful ingredients designed to protect the skin from harmful UV lights.

Cleanser – mild, natural and light cleanser with chestnut honey, which provides hydration when cleaning, leaves the skin ready to take nutrients from Chanterelle Serum or Bolete Night Cream.

Bolete – designed for extra hydration that deeply penetrates skin to deliver powerful ingredients needed to keep the skin beautiful and healthy.



How To Use UnaBell

Moisturize your entire face with CHANTERELLE 

Use CAMPANUELA throughout the day as needed. Apply to entire face. (Use after the morning serum for best results.) 


At the end of your day wash your face and neck area with the CLEANSER.

Apply BOLETE on wrinkle prone areas. (Chanterelle may be used in place of BOLETE- for less moisture)




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