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What happens to our skin as we age?

Most of the age-dependent changes in the skin occur in the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. Your dermis is made of 2 proteins—collagen and elastin. Collagen supports your body’s tissue and keeps your body from falling apart. Elastin, just like the name implies, is the protein that enables your skin to stretch and bounce back to its original place. As we age we produce collagen and elastin at a slower rate, which in turn affects the skin’s ability to repair itself and changes the structure of the skin.

Intrinsic aging versus premature aging

There are two types of aging that affect your skin. Intrinsic aging is the aging process that cannot be prevented or stopped, while premature aging occurs from external influences. Intrinsic aging begins around the age of 20. After 20 years, collagen will be produced 1% less every year. As aging continues, the elastin and collagen fibers get thicker, clumped and looser which causes the skin to begin wrinkling or sagging. The skin’s natural exfoliation process also slows down and the skin looks more dull and thin. Premature aging occurs from environmental influences such as the sun or smoking. These influences can cause the skin to become rough, unevenly toned and wrinkled.

How does UnaBell work?

Aging can’t be permanently stopped, but our products cleanse, nourish and protect your skin to slow down the aging process. Our line contains various proteins, peptides and vitamins that are isolated from naturally grown sources. These components counteract intrinsic and premature aging of the skin, while also reducing roughness of the skin, decreasing wrinkle depth, improving firmness and accelerating the skin’s rate of healing.

A scientific perspective of our delivery system

Our encapsulating delivery system works as a transporter. It encloses the needed nutrients and vitamins and allows them to be absorbed into the skin. Without the delivery system, the nutrients and vitamins wouldn’t be able to penetrate the skin and effectively reduce aging. Our delivery system ensures that the nutrients in our products are able to be effectively absorbed into the skin.

Our all-natural products

The main goal of the UnaBell  products is to create a line of all-natural skin care. This means our products contain no silicon, paraben, PEG, sulfate, petroleum oil or mineral oil. Combined with our delivery system, which acts as a transporter of essential vitamins and ingredients into your skin, we have developed an all-natural, efficient and nourishing skin care line.





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