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When you think of the earth 🌎 recycling  ♻️ is right thing to do.


As you might already know, plastic pollution is a major problem. While plastic pollution has prevailed in landfills, around 90% of all plastic waste is floating on the surface of oceans harming ecosystems. Until better technology is discovered to replace plastic, we are stuck in its ways. That said, it does not mean we cannot do anything about it. Recycled plastic can be put to good use. Plastic can live many lives, so why in the world would you cut its life short? UnaBell would like to introduce a Recycling Program that just dose that.  

How does it work? 

1. Reply to your UnaBell order email with "Let's help the earth!" 

UnaBell: will send you a return label via email. 

2. Pack used product into a box and attach the label and drop it off at your nearest postoffice. 

UnaBell: will wait for a return and recycle/reuse packaging, for your efforts you will receive a 20% discount code on your next order.  



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