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Our Story

What is UnaBell?
UnaBell is naturally formulated using a scientific approach by means of a simple "cleanse-nourish-protect” routine to preserve your beauty and to help you age gracefully.

Why did we design UnaBell products?
Growing up, we were surrounded by an all-natural and organic life in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, the place where East meets West. We made our own bread, raised our own livestock and grew our own crops. Nature was in our backyards—forests, hills, and wild life surrounded us. Una River stood out as a symbol of purity and beauty. A life with nature, purity, freedom and happiness… Many people, who came across and saw the river, claim that it is the purest river in the world. There is a legend connected to it; when the ancient Romans first came across the river they proclaimed, "Una Unica Est", meaning Una the Unique because of the natural unique beauty of the river. Over 170 types of medicinal herbs grow by the Una River. A rare plant called Campanula Uneensis, often referred to as the Una Blue-Bell, was named after the Una River's bright turquoise and green colors. This beautiful bellflower is unique to the Una River. The purity of the Una River delivers the necessary nutrients to this beautiful flower. Many natural plants and crops can be found near the river such as King Bolete and Chanterelle Mushrooms, chestnuts and flowers like the Campanuela Bellflower. Although we came from such a beautiful and natural place, due to circumstances we found a new home in the United States, where we started a new beginning. New beginnings are always hard but, if you put in time and effort, the door will be open to wonderful opportunities. Educating ourselves was an important part of our success; to better understand the inner workings of skin we attended schools to gain knowledge finding a perfect blend of today’s technology and the nature we were surrounded by in our past. Slowly but surely, as many other generations before us, we were able to find a home and a new life in the states. Cosmetics and skin care were always part of our life and our family, no matter where we lived.

How did we develop products that you see at front of you today?
Being proud about our accomplishments and celebration of life in America, we were able to explore more about new formulations and techniques for skin care using a natural and scientific approach. We have over 50 years of experience in formulating and developing skin care products; working in Europe and USA. We wanted to make the best products that utilized today’s technology and all-natural ingredients. Unifying our all-natural lifestyle and our present knowledge of technology together has brought us to what you see before you, “UnaBell”. UnaBell uses a unique skin delivery system and encapsulated technology to deliver these pure and natural ingredients to your skin. It is very difficult to formulate high performing products on the natural skin care base and make it have a superior sensory feel.

A lot of products in today’s market contain so many ingredients that consumers don’t understand what they are and what impacts they have. Many of these ingredients are made while damaging our environment, we understand the importance of nature and want to leave better place for yours and our children.

What we are trying to achieve with UnaBell brand?
The ideology behind UnaBell is simple: use natural and organic ingredients for skin care products to help you age gracefully. We strongly believe that aging can’t be stop permanently, but with the right blend of nature and skin care technology we can slow down the aging process to help preserve your natural beauty. UnaBell Age Gracefull


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