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What is CoQ10/Ubiquinone

Posted by Dzanel Husic on


Finding the right anti-aging cream can be difficult. It is often difficult to figure out if you want to use a product when you can’t understand what the ingredients are. The way most of us decide whether or not we want to use a product is if we take time to research a cream that would make us happy--which can definitely be a frustrating process. So, I have decided to tackle each one of our ingredients that are most beneficial for your skin to make your future skin care decisions easier.

In this post I will talk about Ubiquinone or CoQ10 ingredient, also known as coenzyme Q. This enzyme is naturally produced in the human body. You can find it in every tissue and cell. It helps with a number of biological functions: producing energy, neutralizing free radicals, keeping cells healthy and keeping your skin healthy.

When you are younger, your body has the ability to produce as much CoQ10 as it needs to function properly. However some of the factors such as sun exposure, stress, smoking, dehydration (which are factors of aging) can lower your levels of CoQ10. As a result, the ability of cells to regenerate declines.

Because CoQ10 correlates with the aging process and declines over time due to aging factors, it is regarded as one of the most accurate biomarkers of aging.   

Using topical creams such as Chanterelle from UnaBell that contain Ubiquinone/CoQ10 can effectively help fight the signs of aging. Using the right delivery system for your skin can penetrate deeply to provide antioxidants and help produce collagen and elastin which are crucial for keeping your skin young and healthy.

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