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My Complexion is changing!

Posted by Dzanel Husic on

Nobody knows your body better then you do. Therefore, the signs your body gives you shouldn’t be ignored. Think about the moment when you were about to get that unwanted pimple on your face. The feeling that something huge was growing under your skin and then that moment your mirror says otherwise. And even though you don't have a pimple, you can’t shake that feeling.  

Everyone's skin is unique and that is why we go through so many different skin care products. Finding the right product depends on your skin's needs. Skin might change according to stress level, environment and hormones. In order to accommodate changes most women will need to adjust the amount of moisture they provide to the skin over the course of the month. Even if you think you have a certain type of skin (oily, dry) your complexion may be different from time to time. You should adjust products you are using as you notice changes in your complexion. In winter I use Bolete night cream, but in the summer, I’m using Chanterelle Serum from UnaBell.   Bolete is a thicker cream and adds a lot of moisture to my face which is a key to keeping my skin hydrated. In the summers, due to environment changes, I notice my skin is much more hydrated than in the winter, so I find it satisfying to use Chanterelle Serum which provides me with much needed moisture, a glowing appearance and softer and smoother skin. 

Noticing the different changes in environment, hormones and stress level might get you closer to the right product. I have reacted to changes in my complexion and found the right mix to fit my needs.

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