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Compliments = Confidence

Posted by Dzanel Husic on

Have you ever had a day where someone has given you a compliment about your appearance?  Well…. I just did and they continue piling.

While working in customer service field where my presence is inescapable, I always have a feeling as though I‘m being stared at for the wrong reasons. My sixth sense kicks in as it runs through checks and balances of my appearance. For no particular reason, one minor imperfection can have an influence on what kind of day I would have. One unwanted pimple can turn into giant volcano ready to pop and the only thing on my mind is, the spectators are here for the event.

Before we get into details how my skin lifted my confidence, let me tell you little bit about myself. I’m a working mom with 2 kids and skin that sometimes dislikes me. I spend my time chasing my kids and researching everything and anything about skin. Inner workings of skin, how skin radiates, how skin reacts to outside world, how different product ingredients affect your skin, etc...  What prompted my research was my oldest child. When we have conceived her, she inherited eczema from one of family bloodlines. As new parents, we didn't know anything about eczema. All we knew was that it was common and that it affects anywhere from 10% - 20% of infants. We were the lucky once. During this journey. We went on and beyond trying to find comfort in an unknown world of skin. While researching, I have found some of the amazing facts about our skin. Can you guess what is the heaviest and biggest organ in the human body? If you said “skin” you guessed it right! Skin is 16% of your body weight, which requires a lot of energy to run its efficient system. One way to look at skin is like it is a heavy bubble protecting you from outside world. Understanding that skin is important for wellbeing, I have decided to share my experience and provide you with as much information as needed not to burst your bubble.

Let’s get back to days before the volcanic event.  As most of you know, having kids puts life in a different perspective. The world around you changed without you even knowing. Your priorities shift and something strange happens. You become a mom! As a new mother not yet understanding everything there is for a mother to do, the question that I’m always asking myself is, “Is this right way to raise my child or am I doing something wrong?”. Uncertainty brings all kinds of stress with it. With stress levels raised, I witnessed my skin changing and becoming more sensitive to the outside world. From dry skin to unwanted pimples on my face. It’s like I have busted my skin bubble and everything and anything is out to get me. We know that this kind of stress doesn’t go away for at least 18 years (haha)... and looking at my parents it seems to me that it will never leave.

With all that said, I’ve started looking for tools to repair my bubble, which turned out to be a chase of a lifetime.  Going from brand to

brand and not finding right mixture for my skin really brought more stress than it should. Having a family member as a chemist has brought me to UnaBell. Once I’ve tried samples of UnaBell, I’ve felt that something was just right. Gliding feeling of serum on my face making it feel supple and silky smooth. Zinc inside of day cream that creates a shield like protection from the UV lights. A cleanser that seems to remove makeup with ease and without stripping skin nutrients. Night cream that provides extra moisture for overnight repair. With this combination I was able to own my skin. I felt that my skin was not cracking and now the youthful feeling seems to never leave me.

As we age, we find ourselves in a situation where our skin is changing and needs added care to age gracefully. I have been trying to find right skin care line for years and I ended up bouncing from one skin care line to another. I’m sure most of you can relate. However, once I found my bubble patch I felt that I’ve found my Zen and a cream that loves me back.

I encourage sharing your experience, you never know who you might help and how you might inspire. 


Love to you!

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